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Shree U.K. Luhar Gnati Mandal (London)
Sant Devtankhiji Bapa

Picture: Maniben (left), Devtankhiji (middle) and Pandit Devayat.

Many individuals throughout the centuries have experienced in one way or another the continued presence of Saint Guru Devtankhiji.

His father, Ambaji, and mother, Mulibai, were great devotees of God in and around their village Bokhira in Saurashtra, Gujarat. Girnar Saint Shantinath once visited their residence and blessed them to continue with their services in hosting saints. They should daily conduct Bhajans, Kirtans and Pooja-path. When he left for Girnar, he further blessed the couple that they would never be sad as ‘Nakmagnath’ was always with them.

The couple prayed endlessly. Gurudev Shantinath returned a few months later and realised through his power that Mulibai was unhappy due to the lack of child. He granted them a boon whereby some 1400 years ago, on Ashadh Mas Shukla Paksh Bij day, Mulibai gave birth to a son at the sun rise in Shubh Choghadia.  The child uttered Pranav Mantra OM instead of crying. The Kundali suggested that his name should ‘Viraji’, accordingly he was christened. Viraji was as inborn saint.

Viraji worked in his foundary, prayed Agnidev and after a 12-year Yoga, attained him. Agnidev gave a boon and Viraji asked for protection and help in distress. Agnidev nodded but added that Viraji would have to pass through test. Viraji later got married to Lambgam’s Samji Bhagat Sakhe Parmar’s daughter, Maniben (later know as Minalde). As predicted by Samartha Guru Shobhaji, Viraji and Minalde performed the last rites of Ambaji and Sati Mulibai and set off for Girnar. They had the Darshana of Guru Shobhaji, an incarnation of Lord Shankar himself. Later, they settled in Majevadi, at the foot of Girnar moutains. Through yogic power, the couple managed their source of livelihood.

The Guru had Shobhaji arrived arrived at Majevadi on his usual round. The furnace was on, blasting fire and iron everywhere.  However, it did not affect Viraji as he was protected by Agnidev. Viraji, so busy in his work, did not realise the arrival of Guru Shobhaji. Guru uttered: ‘O disciple, you have done a great service and thus now become a Deva (Godly person).’ At that time, Viraji was surrounded by sparks (Tankhi) from his furnace. Therefore, he was named DEVTANKHI, the immortal.

Karmakandi Brahmin Pandit Devayat, resident of Vanthali in Junagadh district, also had the opportunity of meeting Guru Shobhaji.

The Pandit once came to Majevadi with his 700 disciples. His chariot gave away on the rough road. As it was Ekadashi day Devtankhiji was duty bound not to operate his furnace. The Pandit, however, convinced his and offered to take all the sins of such an act on his own head. The Pandit thought he will teach a lesson to DEVTANKHIJI but suddenly realised his egotism and came to terms with the fact that he was also facing a guru.

Subsequently both showered affection and respect on each other.





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